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In the world of PALMAFRIQUE

PALMAFRIQUE is an agro-industrial mixed company with a capital of 5,714,880,000 CFA francs, born in April 15, 1997, during the process of privatization in Côte d’Ivoire, particularly the case of the former PALMINDUSTRIE. Its headquarters is located in Abidjan Marcory. The company has 3 operating agro-industrial sites spread over 7,500 ha at Anguededou, Dabou and Eloka.

Quality of productions

PALMAFRIQUE produces and deals crude palm oil and kernels from its three production sites (growing factories). The global policy of production is set in an overall plan of quality research. In order to perform always PALMAFRIQUE, the management team, since the creation of the company, assigns themselves the following tasks:

  1. the creation and management of industrial oil palm plantations;
  2. providing technical support to the smallholders;
  3. set a strong system to control and collect the productions of the smallholders in its area;
  4. crude palm oil and palm kernels production spread on a long time;
  5. sale these products on the local market, but also at the international level.

According to the growing plan of PALMAFRIQUE, it works with individual producers organized in agricultural cooperatives. In this cooperation, the agro industrial company brings its expertise to the smallholders by providing selected plants to increase their productions and advices to take care of their plantations. This coaching is something good for the small producers. In this partnership and in order to help the smallholders to well deliver their productions, PALMAFRIQUE builds an 80,000,000 CFA Francs weighbridge at Montezo. It is a very important investment to keep them in a global policy of business transparency promoted by PALMAFRIQUE.

Social well-being of our workers

On each production site, decent housing is available for workers, and also schools and health centers. This is seen both in the PALMAFRIQUE social policy by the use of modern equipment and qualified workers in its production process.

Our contribution to local development

The agricultural collaboration is not the only field in which PALMAFRIQUE is involved. The company takes into account a very important social development. In fact, the social projects of PALMAFRIQUE bring well-being to the farmers, but also to the neighboring population of the agro-industrial sites. The health centers of PALMAFRIQUE in Anguededou and Eloka help the population to have an access to have a quality health care several kilometers around.

It is the same thing for education. The schools built by PALMAFRIQUE offer to many children an access to basic education. The company also supports the joyful moments of the population. PALMAFRIQUE helps the local population to organize the “Generations Feast”, a very important traditional festival for the ethnic groups of the south part of Côte d’Ivoire.

PALMAFRIQUE is an important player in the palm oil sector in Côte d’Ivoire. That is the reason why the company is a member of the AIPH, the Interprofessional Association of the Palm Oil Industry and APROSAPCI, the Professional Association of Agricultural Palm Societies in Côte d’Ivoire. PALMAFRIQUE still working to perform its production process and one of its challenges is to obtain the RSPO certification.