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Kernels, the other product of PALMAFRIQUE

PALMAFRIQUE does produces only crude palm oil. The agro-industrial company factories are able to produce kernels at the end of the production process. After removing the crude oil contained in the fibers of palm fruits, the oil cakes are recovered because they contained defatted fibers and essential nuts.

The nuts, after drying and crushing pass through a separator that provides a hand, palm kernels and the other the epicarps. The extraction rate is estimated at 3%. The kernels are sent in silos for bulk dried. PALMAFRIQUE produced around 4000t of palm kernels per year.

Kernels are sold in bulk by PALMAFRIQUE and are used to produce another kind of oil called palm kernel oil. Epicarps and dry fibers are used as fuel for the boilers of the factories. These boilers produce steam at 260 ° C and 20 bars.

This steam is used to electricity by generators to supply the mills and support all the process of cooking, heating and drying in PALMAFRIQUE factories.